Stimulating Physics Network

The Institute of Physics and the Science Learning Centres work in partnership to run a support network for teachers and pupils of physics in England.

Stimulating Physics Network

This is known as the Stimulating Physics Network

The project is funded by the Department for Education until March 2016.

The aim of the Stimulating Physics Network is to provide an inspiring, coherent and sustainable programme of lessons, activities and continuing professional development (CPD) to achieve a step change in the teaching of physics.

This 70 strong network consists of 35 Physics Network Coordinators and 35 Teaching and Learning Coaches – all knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic specialists who are supported by the IOP’s Education Department.

420 schools are supported directly by the Teaching and Learning Coaches as Stimulating Physics Network Partner Schools.  These schools are eligible for:

 Teacher SupportPupil Support
Partner Schools
  • Personal relationship and support from a local Teaching and Learning Coach
  • Needs analysis
  • In-school bespoke CPD for non-specialists
  • Local networking (personal and online)
  • Residential summer schools
  • Free IOP affiliation

Physics Network Coordinators offer support to all secondary schools, including:

 Teacher SupportPupil Support
All Schools
  • Local, bespoke workshops
  • Regional meetings
  • Peer-to-peer links (personal and online)
  • Community website (
  • IOP teaching and learning resources
  • Physics Update courses
  • Affiliated Schools Scheme
  • Schools Lecture Tour
  • Higher-education taster days
  • Physics in Perspective
  • Youth membership of the IOP
  • E&E activities
  • Careers resources
  • Enterprise activities
  • IOP website (

To join our national network of Partner Schools, visit the Stimulating Physics Network website. To request a free CPD workshop at your school, contact your local Physics Network Coordinator.

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