Stimulating Physics Network

A support network for teachers and pupils of physics, run in partnership with the Science Learning Network.


We provide bespoke support for teachers of physics.

Our Teaching and Learning Coaches (TLCs) support Partner Schools and physics teachers in the early stages of their careers. Partner Schools benefit from needs analysis, CPD for teachers, and pupil activities. Early-career physics teachers receive light-touch mentoring.

Our Physics Network Coordinators (PNCs) organise innovative and inspirational CPD workshops across the UK. We've extended this model to our Link Schools, with TLCs providing PNC-style workshops to all.

Our IGB Project Officers work with schools to identify and address issues around gender and subject choice.

Our online learning communities, including Twitter and Pinterest channels, provide a safe space for over 15,000 teachers to develop their practice.

And as our programme is funded by the Department of Education, our support is free.

The results

SPN stats


In 2014/15 the Stimulating Physics Network generated 42,993 teacher-hours of professional development for teachers of physics, and 53,788 student-hours of student-engagement activities for those studying the subject, across its 400 partner schools.

Of teachers surveyed for our evaluation who had made changes to classroom practice as a result of SPN, 100% of them reported a positive effect on students’ engagement in physics lessons.

In 2013/4, progression to AS-level physics increased by 3.4% in schools that joined SPN the previous year, while declining by 0.6% in other schools. Among girls, progression in those SPN schools increased by 7.6% compared to 3.5% in non-SPN schools.

Attainment at GCSE also rose more in SPN schools, with the number of students achieving an A*–C grade in physics increasing by 25.5% in schools that joined the project in 2013/14 compared to just 19.5% in non-SPN schools.

or full results of the project, see the latest evaluation report

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