PIPER (Practical Implications of Physics Education Research)

PIPER is a project from the IOP Education Department devoted to promoting evidence-based practice in physics education.

Our Supporting Physics Teaching (SPT) materials, which provide extensive support for physics teachers, draw on both research and on the classroom wisdom of practitioners.

PIPER will provide the next steps in engaging teachers, teacher trainers and CPD providers directly with this evidence as they refine and justify their practice.

In the first phase of the project, teams of education researchers based at Canterbury Christ Church University and King’s College London analysed existing research about how to teach the topics of light and EMF respectively. The resulting monographs explore the messages which practitioners might draw from this literature:

Please note that these documents are subject to our copyright statement.

Following this phase we have broadened our focus. Rather than concentrating exclusively on research we are considering the ways in which we can codify and disseminate messages from the many sources which teachers access to inform their practice.

For further details please email piper@iop.org.

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