Devon and Cornwall

Alison Alexander

Alison Alexander
Teacher Network Co-ordinator in Devon and Cornwall
The Old School
Devon TQ9 6PD


Current position
Retired Head of Science at King Edward VI Community College, Totnes.

I started teaching in London but have made my way gradually South West and led an active and successful department in a large rural comprehensive school. I have also worked with Devon Advisory Service and Edexcel. I have written a book on kitchen science for young children and I now aim to research and write about physics and techno materials.

Links with other agencies
I have been a member of ASE throughout my career and am now Chair of the South West region.

Personal interests
Physics and communicating the excitement of physics ideas in a relevant way is a passion which crosses from work to home life. I enjoy taking a "science dabble" to WIs and I have recently acquired a telescope and am spending evenings with frozen fingers looking for comets and binary stars. I also enjoy sewing and dress design, reading, music and the cinema. Walking the dog keeps me healthy.

My main aim is to facilitate communication between physicists in the South West. Also, I hope to be able to bring physics lectures to the region, setting up links between schools, industry and Higher Education. A most pressing need is to offer practical ideas and support to those non-physicists who find themselves teaching physics.