Norfolk and Suffolk

Gerry Blake

Gerry Blake
Teacher Network Coordinator in Norfolk and Suffolk




Current position
Writer and part-time SEP Professional Development Lead.

Initial training
Physics degree at Reading University.

After university I taught science in Ethiopia with VSO, before returning to train at Chelsea College. I’ve taught in three Suffolk schools, lately as Head of Science at Sir John Leman High School in Beccles, which I left over three years ago to concentrate on writing. At present I am working on developing on-line A-level Physics resources for a major publisher, and devising and delivering professional development for the Science Enhancement Programme. 2009 will be my fourth year of helping present the IOP Advancing Physics Revision Days.

Links With other agencies
I am a member of the Association for Science Education and the Institute of Physics.

Personal interests
Most things arty, Norwich City Football Club, and church.

Supporting, encouraging and enthusing the next generation of physics teachers. I like the word ‘Wow’! It epitomises good physics teaching.

Latest newsletter

Central workshops I can deliver

Delivered successfullyRockets
Shocked and stunned
Software for skint schools
Happy to deliverNew ideas?
Son of new ideas?
Games laboratory
Lights, camera, images

Specialist workshops I offer

  • Waves and Radiation
  • Tumblewing and polystyrene gliders
  • Forces, Energy, Electricity, Sound, Electromagnetism
  • Seeing beyond the visible
  • Physics Olympics
  • Technicians’ workshop
  • Bespoke workshops as needed

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