London (West)

Niloufar Wijetunge

Niloufar Wijetunge
Teacher Network Coordinator in London
Holland Park School
Airlie Gardens
Campden Hill Road
London W8 7AF


Current position
Teacher of Science, Holland Park School.

I have taught science (Key stage 3 - 4), physics and maths (Key stage 4 - 5) in London for ten years. From 2003- 8 I was head of physics and head of sixth form at Ealing Independent College, a small school of a 100 GCSE and A level students. My current post could not be any more different – a big secondary comprehensive school of 1400 students. The school enjoys excellent facilities and resources and it has been a rewarding experience to utilise these when delivering lessons.

Having won a competition for a telescope in celebration of the International Year of Astronomy last year, I started up an Astronomy club that aims to prepare pupils for GCSE Astronomy in one year.

I have been involved with organising a range of events to promote physics. These include a presentation on astronomy to year 11 students delivered by popular science author Simon Singh and a speaker event entitled 'Physics in the city' led by two physics graduates who shared their experience of working as investment bankers. Recently I received an impact award from the Science Learning Centre for attending a 'Girls in physics' course and implementing various strategies at school.


  • To establish a network of teachers in my local area that encourages dialogue between participants and provides a framework for supporting them in promoting physics.
  • To make links between schools and schools and HE to share resources aiming to enhance the teaching of physics.
  • To encourage students to pursue post 16 physics and establish strategies to tackle the shortage of girls in physics.

Personal interests
Running marathons and general fitness. I am pursuing a Personal Trainer's course in my spare time.

Central workshops I can deliver

Delivered successfullyNew ideas?
Software for skint schools
Happy to deliverRockets
Shocked and stunned
Son of new ideas?
What happens next?
Lights, camera, images

Specialist workshops I offer

  • All about Forces

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