West Midlands (Shrewsbury and Birmingham)

Richard Bonella

Richard Bonella
Physics Network Coordinator for Shrewsbury and Birmingham
Email: trbonella@yahoo.co.uk

Initial training
I’m an engineer, lightly disguised as a physicist.  As well as degrees in Aero Engineering, I also have one in War Studies.

After umpteen years in the RAF, I took up physics teaching in 1998.  I’ve now given up full-time (paid) work.  Aside from working for the IOP, I do some private tutoring and I also make a small contribution to the schools outreach programme of the Particle Physics Group at the University of Birmingham.

Other interests
The usual walking and reading stuff.  Also the restoration of old buildings: my own small Victorian house and also Bage's magnificent iron-framed flaxmill, a (long) stone’s throw from where I live.

To continue the good work done by my predecessor in Birmingham, from which I have benefited considerably over the years, and to extend the network to Shrewsbury and beyond.