Scottish Highlands

Nick Forwood

Nick Forwood
Teacher Network Coordinator in the Scottish Highlands




Current position
Principal Teacher of Physics and Science, Fortrose Academy.

Initial training
I gained a degree in Civil Engineering, then carried out research work in Sheffield, before training as a physics teacher. My research work was based around the properties of a new type of concrete material and involved making many large models and smashing them into small pieces! The physics content of this research work meant many hours spent carrying out X ray diffraction, electron microscopy and ultrasonic work to analyse the microstructural properties of the material.

I taught physics in and around Sheffield for a number of years, before taking “early retirement” in the mountains in the north of Scotland, where I managed an outdoor retail business and abseiled off oil rigs in the North Sea carrying out engineering inspection work. I returned to physics teaching full time about ten years ago. I am currently Principal Teacher of Physics and Science (Head of Department) at a rural comprehensive secondary school just north of Inverness.

Personal interests
My outdoor interests led me to join the local mountain rescue team – I have been a member of this for over fifteen years. Recently, I became the Chairman of the Mountain Rescue Committee of Scotland, the parent organisation for nearly 1000 rescue volunteers.I am a regular visitor to Westminster where I sit on a number of government advisory committees.

In my spare time (when I have any!) I am a member of a Brazilian samba drumming band and also search the country for “lunchboxes” in an hi-tech hobby called Geocaching which involves maps and a GPS receiver.