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Nick Forwood

Nick Forwood
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I gained a degree in Civil Engineering in the mid 1970's, then carried out research work in Sheffield, before training as a physics teacher. My research work was based around the properties of a new type of concrete material and involved making many large models and smashing them into small pieces! The physics content of this research work meant many hours spent carrying out X ray diffraction, electron microscopy and ultrasonic work to analyse the microstructural properties of the material.
I taught physics in and around Sheffield for a number of years, before taking “early retirement” in the mountains in the north of Scotland, where I managed an outdoor retail business and abseiled off oil rigs in the North Sea carrying out engineering inspection work. I returned to physics teaching full time in 1989. I am currently Principal Teacher of Physics (Head of Department) at a rural comprehensive secondary school just north of Inverness where I have taught since 1999.

Professional interests
I am mainly interested in supporting my professional colleagues in the Scottish Highlands, which is the largest but most sparsely populated region in Europe. Many teachers in this area are sole teachers in small physically remote schools that do not always have the best of facilities in terms of ease of communication and equipment provision. This is a challenge when organising CPD as some teachers have to travel for over two or three hours to an event and they are still in the Highlands!

Teacher Network workshops
I can offer any of the Central Workshops on the list and many of these have been carried out previously. 

Other workshops

  • Cloud Chamber & Thermal Imager loan equipment
  • Perimeter Institute and CERN based workshops - new course pedagogy including cosmology, particle accelerators.
  • Latest teaching practice and health/safety issues from SSERC
  • Exam Board coursework and assessment materials.

This is a small sample only.....

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