Edinburgh and the Lothians

Tom Balanowski                                      
Location:  EH30                      
Email: tombalanowski@hotmail.com


  • (1976 – 1989) APT Science followed by Principal Teacher of Physics, Craigroyston Community HS, Edinburgh
  • (1989 – 2013) Principal Teacher of Physics followed by Principal Teacher Curriculum Maths and Physics, Linlithgow Academy, West Lothian
  • Narrow escape after experiencing school management role and an education authority role for 2 years – not for me.
  • Retired from teaching in August 2013.

Other Roles:

  • Principal Assessor for AH Physics – SQA (1999 – 2015).
  • Headed “Understanding Standards Events” for teachers throughout Scotland.
  • Part of the development team that introduced the new Physics Curriculum in Scotland.
  • Headed the West Lothian Team to produce materials for the Higher Still Development unit
  • AH Physics Project Marker at present.
  • SQA AH Physics question paper vetter.
  • 2008 awarded an MBE for services to education in West Lothian.

Professional Interest
After a long career in teaching Physics, I have hopefully given teachers the benefit of my experience in terms of support.  I have been open to questions for many years now.

Teacher Network workshops

Other workshops

  • Uncertainties in measurements
  • AH Projects
  • Adapted Perimeter Materials

I hold two large meetings in Edinburgh each year in April and November. The agenda is mainly made up from requests and uses teachers / lecturers, who are prepared to volunteer their advice.

Over the years, I have responded to requests and use my contacts to provide support.

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