David Keenahan

There are two Network Coordinators in the Republic of Ireland, Paul Nugent and David Keenahan.

David Keenahan

Teacher Network Coordinator in the Republic of Ireland
Gonzaga College
Sandford Road
Dublin 6
Email: dkeenahan@gmail.com

Current position
Teacher of Physics, Maths and Applied Maths at Gonzaga College in Dublin.

Initial training
Graduate of University College Dublin. BSc.


  • Teaching Physics, Maths, Applied Maths and Science since 1980.
  • Assistant Principal’s post since 2003 for promoting use of ICT in the classroom.
  • Did a Master of Studies Degree at Trinity College Dublin in 2003, which led to an interest in data logging.

To help teachers to enjoy teaching Physics and to encourage teaching approaches that appeal to different learning styles.

Links with other agencies
Active member of ISTA, IMTA, IAMTA, CESI, RDS.

Personal interests
In school, I coach rugby and tennis and have a keen interest in most of the co-curricular activities of the school (and participate in many of them).

Outside school, I enjoy theatre, camping and boating.

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