Republic of Ireland

Paul Nugent
Location: Dublin
Twitter: @IoPIteachers


  • Graduate of University College Galway. Applied Physics and Electronics
  • Teacher of Physics, Maths, Science, ICT at Santa Sabina
  • Received the Eiroforum Science Teaching Award.
  • Delivered the Annual Donal Flavin Memorial Lecture, Waterford Institute of Technology 2016
  • Irish representative for GIREP-International Research Group on Physics Teaching.
  • National Steering Committee Science on Stage.

Professional interest  
Keen interest in the area of teaching with ICTs including data logging and video. Improving Gender Balance. Public Engagement. Cofounder and leader of

Teacher Network workshops

Other workshops

  • Science on Stage
  • A Night of Light
  • A Night of Sound
  • Isaac Physics
  • Physics Busking Training
  • Waves
  • Electromagnetism

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