Herefordshire and Worcestershire

Nicky Thomas
Location: WR8
Twitter: @nickythomas1

I was a Planning Engineer in the oil industry before I started teaching over 20 years ago. Now I teach physics and work as IOP Gender Balance Officer, working to reduce the gender gap in physics. I mentored early career Physics teachers until 2016. My published education resources include e-learning, teacher packs, student books and assessment material for KS3 to KS5. I deliver teacher CPD nationally and through TSST courses.

Professional interest
I love communicating science, outreach activities, science clubs and helping young people be creative in science. I want to support teachers as they develop their knowledge and confidence. I find the impact of misconceptions on learning fascinating, and will freely admit when I uncover some of my own!

Teacher Network workshops

Other workshops

  • Required GCSE physics practicals
  • Physics of athletics
  • A-level Physics practical endorsement
  • Straightforward A-level experiments using simple equipment
  • Teaching space
  • Teaching energy
  • Teaching electricity
  • Putting GCSE practicals in context
  • Academic Resilience
  • Improving Gender balance

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