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West Midlands (Herefordshire and Worcestershire)

Nicky Thomas
Physics Network Coordinator for Herefordshire and Worcestershire

Current position
Physics teacher, St Marys, Worcester

Initial training
I graduated from Oxford University in Physics, and took my Science PGCE in Northern College, Aberdeen.

I started working in Aberdeen in the oil industry, first as an accounting trainee then as a Planning Engineer.  I have been teaching physics in Worcester for about 17 years, working part time after having children, and writing about physics for the past ten years.

I am very keen that pupils see physics as a practical subject that is relevant to their daily lives. I want to help teachers gain the confidence to start using different practicals and examples in their lessons. I was fortunate when I first started teaching to have a mentor who showed me many simple but effective demonstrations, and I clearly remember how some simple demonstrations can seem impossible the first time you try them, until someone shows you how.

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