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Helen Pollard

Helen Pollard
Teacher Network Coordinator in the East Midlands (Lincolnshire)

I have worked as a physics teacher in state and independent schools for 30 years.

As Network Coordinator I would like to arrange some ideas-swaps between local teachers, so that we can all share some of the excellent approaches to physics lessons taking place in this area.

Teachers who are new to physics teaching have a tough task – learning how to do demonstration experiments; trying out class experiments; getting to grips with the huge range of IT support activities available… on top of the usual planning, assessment, reporting and day to day classroom control. I’m hoping that I may be able to make their planning a bit easier.

Experienced physics teachers seem to be in demand for management roles in schools and colleges, and it is difficult for them to update their knowledge and skills in physics, when there are so many other demands on their time.

All physics teachers are busy. If I can provide what these people want to support their teaching, for example some local meetings, convenient INSET, and perhaps e-mail support, I shall be pleased to do so.

Personal interests
I enjoy ITT mentoring, taking Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, and supporting CREST Award and EES Engineering Teams.

Beyond school, I enjoy music and ringing bells.

Central workshops I can deliver

Delivered successfully

New ideas?
Son of new ideas?
Software for skint schools
Games laboratory

Happy to deliver

Shocked and stunned
What happens next?
Lights, camera, images

Specialist workshops I offer

  • Forces, Energy, Earth and Space, Electricity, Light for non-specialists
  • Any Science Enhancement Programme topic
  • Teltron/CRO/multimeters – how to use them
  • Bespoke workshops designed for your department (or cluster of departments)
  • Equipment check – finding out what works in the physics cupboard

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