CPD sessions

The Teacher Network offers a number of CPD sessions that can help put a little extra sparkle into your teaching.

To find out about workshops in your area, contact your local Coordinator now.

If there are no workshops planned that are convenient for you, you can contact your network coordinator and ask them to run a session at your school. The workshops can be run as one-hour twilight sessions, or something longer depending how hands-on you want to get.

There is no charge for any of the workshops.

Each workshop has an associated group onTalkPhysics.org where teachers can access resources and share ideas. To access the TalkPhysics groups you will need to complete the free registration process.


What Happens Next? 
Discover a series of experiments with unexpected outcomes to challenge students’ presumptions and so encourage them to explore and debate physics principles. The simple demonstrations each present a puzzle with a range of possible outcomes. They can be used as starters or prompts for revision.

Lights, Camera, Images 
Discover a variety of activities for use in the classroom when teaching light, colour and spectra. Find out how to make 3D images and how a digital microscope can turn a small demo into a whole class activity. As well as collecting plenty of ideas for the use of images in general, you will receive a CD with all the information needed to use the workshop ideas in the classroom.

Virtual Physics Laboratory 
Explore Virtual Physics Laboratory with its 200-plus physics simulations and free software that can be used in the classroom. The revision applications prove popular as do the simulations which enable students to play with some of the rarer or more dangerous apparatus, such as High-Tension power supplies and Teltron tubes.

Rockets – Make and Take 
Build your own “rocket” launcher. You can then use the compressed air launcher in the classroom to engage students with the design of the rockets. Through modifications such as adding fins or altering the shape of the nose cone, students can theorise and then try out how a rocket’s flight path can be affected.

Dragsters – Make and Take 
Have you taken part in the exciting Rockets workshop yet? If so, now you can convert your rocket launcher into a propulsion system for your own dragster racer car or if you are new to compressed-air launching let us know when you book your place. The dragsters are easy and cheap to make and from this workshop you will have a completed launcher and a class set of kits to take back to your school for racing fun. Suitable for science teachers from lower, middle and upper schools.

The Datamouse project was started by the paper Stopwatch provides low-cost training by Alessio Ganci and Salvatore Ganci, which was published in Physics Education in March 2009. This was such a brilliant and simple idea that the Institute of Physics Teacher Network decided to put together a workshop showing other teachers how to make inexpensive computer mice into timing gates. If you've never soldered before here's a chance to learn. 

Games Laboratory 
Playing games can be another way to get children to learn often without them even noticing it's happening. There are a wide variety of games available from board games to card games to computer games. This workshop will present a variety of games and participants will be able to access all the necessary files to play these games with their classes. You will have the opportunity to judge for yourself whether the games are suitable for your students and hopefully get an overview of some of the variety of games available.

Shocked and Stunned
This workshop aims to improve your knowledge of how the Van de Graaff generator works and build your confidence with effective ways of using the generator in class. These shrunk down particle accelerators can really help visualise physics and make for a memorable lesson so come along to play with the portable generators and accessories supplied and get some ideas about how to employ them in your teaching.
Software for Skint Schools
Discover 19 bits of free software to use in school to enliven your teaching while saving your budget. The software is offered free on the web but you may not have discovered it yet so come along to see what these packages offer.
Cloud Chambers - Make and Take
Making something abstract concrete is a useful tool for those teaching physics. Cloud chambers allow students to see the paths that ionising radiation has travelled. In this workshop you get to make a take away a cloud chamber big enough for a group of people to see into. You'll also get ideas for getting the most out of your dry ice.
Teaching the Electromagnetic Spectrum
A hands-on workshop introducing ideas for teaching the electromagnetic spectrum, from radio waves to x rays. These ideas include practical activities, demonstrations, and computer resources to help you make the topic more relevant and interactive for pupils.