Two videos have been made to illustrate the messages of the Girls in the Physics Classroom report and teachers' guide.

Saving Nellie, which was produced by the Institute of Physics, is a scripted drama that shows two teachers struggling to change their teaching to “save” their student Nellie’s interest in physics. Key Stage 3/4 Science: Girls in Physics is a documentary that was produced by Teacher’s TV and features a real lesson showing how a teacher attempts to ensure that girls are engaged in the lesson.

The aims of the videos are:

  • To present the important findings of research in an accessible and entertaining way, so that teachers remember key messages
  • To show teaching approaches that will promote effective learning of physics among all students, and to encourage girls to consider continuing with the subject
  • To stimulate discussion among teachers about their own practices
  • To encourage school departments to review their teaching and learning strategies

They can be watched by teachers, alone or in groups, for interest and hopefully enjoyment. It is suggested, however, that use of a structured discussion or seminar format with the programmes will ensure that the issues raised are more fully considered. Possible contexts for this include:

  • A school departmental meeting
  • A local physics teachers meeting
  • A session in an ITE course

Saving Nellie

Download using iTunes | Direct download - Right click and save (MOV, 884 MB)

Key Stage 3/4 Science: Girls in Physics 

Download using iTunes | Direct download - Right click and save (MOV, 627 MB)