In-school workshops

Research by the Institute of Physics shows that although girls outperform boys at GCSE, they lack confidence in their ability in physics and so are less likely to continue with the subject post-16.

The Science Ambassadors scheme is designed to help build confidence through supporting students in the planning and delivery of physics-based outreach. Below are three workshops to build resilience, develop creative thinking skills and provide practice in science communication, which were originally created as part of the scheme.


For more information about the scheme, check out the Stimulating Physics website


Teacher notes

Workshop 1 – Success and failure

Explore what is success and what are growth and fixed mindsets

Workshop 1 slides

Success quote cards

Mindset statements

Workshop 2 – Creativity and problem solving

Discuss what is creativity and how can it be applied to real-life problems

Workshop 2 slides

Circles worksheet

Workshop 3 - Communication

Practice giving and receiving instructions by different methods

Workshop 3 slides

Picture handout

Science demo cards

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