The Institute’s suite of resources for schools planning to work towards gender balance.

Resources and guidance for teachers

The Institute of Physics have been working for many years on the issues surrounding the lack of uptake of physics at school, particularly by girls. The following resources are a result of that research and aim to help schools tackle gender inequity in the science classroom, in the whole school and in their associated primary and early year centres.

Resources for SLT/management

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Resources for around the school

  • The PSHE lessons for S1-S5/ KS3-4 provide an introduction to gender stereotyping as well as giving students the tools for combatting their effects. Lessons can be used in PSHE, guidance, pastoral care or activities could be used in tutor time.
  • The In school workshops are a series of activities designed to help build confidence, with three main themes of success and failure, creativity and problem solving, and communication.  They are intended to be used as part of the science ambassador - physics outreach scheme, but could equally be used for different student groups.
  • The classroom interactions template gives a framework for monitoring interactions with female and male students in the classroom.
  • The Action Guides provide ideas for tackling gender balance on a personal level, within the classroom, and at a whole school level.
    Action Guide for Early Learning and Childcare Centres
    Action Guide for Primary Schools
  • Action Guide for Secondary Schools

Resources for science/physics staff

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