Current projects

The Institute is currently running three gender balance projects.

Current projects

IGB Scotland is a partnership between the IOP, Skills Development Scotland and Education Scotland that aims to empower students, teachers and parents to tackle stereotyping in the choice of school subjects and careers.

The Opening Doors Charter pilot is working with a small group of schools to investigate the impact of a quality mark on whole school gender equality. It is being run in partnership with King’s College London.

As part of the Stimulating Physics Network, we are supporting teachers to use inclusive teaching techniques and working with schools to implement whole school programmes to improve gender equality. With our whole school gender equality programme, our team of gender balance officers work with the senior leadership team and gender champions (the project lead staff within the school) to support the staff to make sustainable change to the whole school environment. We are currently working with around 40 schools.

In order to extend and accelerate the whole school equality programme, we have increased our provision for both existing schools and new partners. We have an extended package of support for new schools that are committed to tackling gender stereotyping, including funding for unconscious bias CPD for all staff and intensive training for gender champions. We will also be extending this training to our current gender champions. Finally, we have a new pot of funding for new and existing gender champions to carry out further CPD for schools in their school networks or chains.

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