Girls into Physics: Action Research

An evaluation report on the Girls into Physics: Action Research project.

Girls into Physics: Action research

The project, run in partnership with the National Network of Science Learning Centres and funded by the DCSF, involved supporting teachers from 100 schools in carrying out action research. We worked with teachers to review the participation of girls in physics in their own schools. The teachers then developed individual action research projects to address the issues identified. The evaluation report describes and evaluates the success of the various approaches.

Some of the most successful approaches to making physics more relevant to girls included:

  • Integrating physics-related careers in class (e.g. through direct references, set assignments, posters and displays in the classroom)
  • Creating opportunities in lessons for students to explore the social relevance of physics (including the roles of physicists)
  • Work experience and role models were also effective in ‘bringing physics to life’

The Research Brief contains recommendations from the project and highlights the key findings of the evaluation. The full Research Report contains the theory of change model developed for the evaluation, rich data from teachers and students and further analysis of key issues.

Documents are available on the STEM Learning website

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