Engaging with Girls – an action pack for teachers

This resource is for anyone interested in encouraging more girls to continue with physics post-16.

Girls into Physics: Action Research

Whether you are working in a mixed or all-girls setting, you will find this an invaluable pack, both for immediate classroom ideas and for contemplating larger changes in your teaching or department. It is intended to help teachers directly and you should be able to pick it up and get going with some of the ideas very quickly.

The pack contains a suite of resources to complement the previous two publications. The guide to action research is a practical resource for teachers interested in understanding and removing the barriers to girls in physics through a practice-based inquiry process. It is intended for teachers who may be trying out action research for the first time.

The other resources offer more direct suggestions to help teachers ensure all students are in tune with the relevance of physics - encouraging use of varied and relevant contexts, using appropriate role models, and making sure all know of the exciting opportunities that a good grounding in physics can lead to.

For more information, to order a printed copy of the pack, or to find out more about the Institute’s work in this area or contact Clare Thomson (e-mail clare.thomson@iop.org)