Exploring physics, uncovering choice

This new workshop pack of activities aims to encourage staff to work together in providing a consistent approach to careers advice and guidance in their school. It will also help teachers to build on their own knowledge of physics-based careers and in turn, help students to make informed choices based on accurate information.

We suggest that the workshop should be run by an interested teacher as a way of contributing to the professional development of colleagues, to bring together personal tutors, year heads, subject teachers, career coordinators and Connexions personal advisors.

The workshop pack includes:

  • clear instructions on how to lead the workshop along with a CD of presentation slides;
  • a number of activities that enable workshop attendees to explore and share knowledge of physics-based careers (these activities can also be used in the classroom with students);
  • and, the tools to start developing an action plan for the whole school.

The action plan is to ensure that careers awareness becomes an integral part of a student’s education and to decide on each person’s role within the school. It is expected that the workshop will take around 90 minutes and it will be most effective with at least five members of staff from at least two departments.

Resources needed to run this workshop

  1. Workshop Leader’s Booklet (PDF, 5 MB)
  2. Presentation Slides (Powerpoint, 5 MB)
  3. Participant’s Pack (PDF, 4 MB)
  4. Explore Publication (PDF, 231 KB)
  5. Expand Publication (PDF, 3 MB)
  6. Experience Publication (PDF, 4 MB)
  7. Snakes & Ladders Board (PDF, 16 MB)
  8. Funnel (Word, 24 KB)
  9. Job Cards for Funnel Activity (Word, 27 KB)

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