Physics in Perspective - London

The three-day programme is designed to allow time to explore other aspects of London, such as museums, the London Eye or theatres. However, it is possible to come for separate days if that is more convenient.

Physics in Perspective 2014 Programme

Sunday 16 February
University College London

2:30 p.m.Neutrinos and the birth of the universeDr Ben Still, Queen Mary, University of London
3.50 p.m.What is a quantum computer?Dr Dan Browne, University College London

Monday 17 February
The Royal Institution

2.00 p.m.On the brink - fundamental physics after the first run of the Large Hadron ColliderDr Harry Cliff, University of Cambridge
3.20 p.m.What would you do with the most powerful laser in the world?Dr Ceri Brenner, Central Laser Facility, Science & Technology Facilities Council

Tuesday 18 February
The Royal Institution

10.00 a.m.SpaceDr Maggie Aderin-Pocock
11.20 a.m.Imaging thoughtProfessor Steven Swithenby, Open University

The description for each lecture can be found in the detailed programme brochure (PDF, 1.73 MB).

Here is a short from one of last year's lecturers, Dr Helen Czerski.

For further information, please contact:

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