Thinking on your feet: Football and physics

This new resource from the education team has been developed in collaboration with Arsenal Football Club and explores 8 physics activities linked to the beautiful game.

Football and physics

Session 1 How can you kick and throw a ball further?

Session 2 Taking better penalties

Session 3 How can you accelerate faster?

Session 4 What makes a good pass?

Session 5 Forceful tackling

Session 6 How can you control a ball effectively?

Session 7 Using your body for balance and stability

Session 8 How can you spin and bend the ball?

Each session is split into two halves of 45 minutes – just like a football match. The first 45 minutes is spent in the classroom, looking at a football idea and then doing a student practical activity that gives insight into what happens on the pitch. The second half of the session applies these ideas to actual football activities.

This article on the resource was featured in a previous issue of Classroom Physics and a sample of the resource that explores football spin can be found here

Please take into account any students who may have a latex allergy if you incorporate the use of balloons into this investigation.

Unfortunately there has been a delay with the publication of this activity pack. 

To request a copy of the resource (when it becomes available) please contact us with your name and school/college address. E-mail with “Football and physics” in the subject line.