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Are you interested in contributing to the Institute’s education policy and providing advice and feedback during this period of change? Or perhaps you would like to help with organising teacher events and conferences?


If so, you might consider joining the Institute’s Education Forum. The forum is an important development that will give you, as a member, an opportunity to engage with educational issues and to link with the educational activities of the Institute. We think that your involvement in the forum will be rewarding and interesting for you, valuable for the educational community and a great help to us.

The forum is open to members of the Institute or to the nominated teacher in an affiliated school.

Members of the forum will support Institute educational activities and advise on projects and policy - providing input to consultations. Active members can form and join advisory committees for events and conferences. 

We anticipate that the forum will conduct much of its business online, exchanging views on the forum, and while there will be periodical meetings, you can contribute and be an active member without having to come to them.

Recently, we have had discussions about the structure of GCSEs, the new national curriculum and UCAS admissions. A number of current issues - including A-level reform, mathematics in physics and the role of the IOP – will be discussed in future meetings.

If you are interested in joining the Institute’s Education Forum and taking part in future meetings, please follow these steps:

  1. Register/login to and visit this page.
  2. Apply to be a member of the online Education Forum group (the Education Forum is a closed group and therefore you need to apply for membership before being given access to the forum).
  3. Once your membership to the Education Forum has been approved, you will receive invitations to future meetings and updates on education policy consultations.

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