Engineers into teaching physics

As someone with a background in engineering you’re in a unique position to share your practical perspective to teach and inspire the next generation of engineers and physicists.

The satisfaction that comes with teaching is hard to beat. But that’s not all. Job security and a desire to help the next generation are just some of the reasons why engineers make the move into teaching.

A hands-on career

Are you an engineering graduate or professional considering a career in the hands-on profession of teaching physics?

Teaching physics is doing physics. It's a practical career choice allowing you to explore the wonder of physics every day.

We, with the support of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), recognise the value that engineers can bring to the classroom.

Whether you recently graduated or are thinking of changing careers, there’s a path for you into teaching physics.

Physics teacher training courses

Find out what training courses are available to you to become a physics teacher.

Funding and finance

There is a shortage of physics teachers, so trainees are fortunate enough to benefit from some of the most generous funding packages:

Further information

If you need any further information, contact

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