Suggested timetable

This advice is based on a one-year PGCE ITE course. However, it should also be relevant to one-year GTP and SCITT programmes. For part-time ITE students, the timings still hold true but for the final year of training.

September - DecemberDon’t even begin worrying about finding a job yet. You’ve barely begun your training and there is plenty new for you to be thinking about.
January - FebruaryThe start of your second school placement. If you feel ready, start to think about what sort of school you are looking for and start to look the jobs being advertised
March - MayThe peak months for recruitment. You’ll be completing your second placement and have a much better idea of what sort of teacher you will be and what sort of school will suit you. Now’s the time to start applying in earnest.
June - AugustSome NQTs will be taking up their posts at the beginning of July. But it doesn’t mean it’s too late if you haven’t yet secured a post. There are still job ads around.
September - onwardsInto the classroom as an NQT. But you can still find job ads, especially for positions starting January. Don’t give up hope!