Teaching style

Am I comfortable with the way they expect me to teach?

Each teacher has their individual approach to teaching and each school has its own culture and practices.  For an appointment to work, you need as good a match as possible. At this stage, don’t picture yourself being able to go into the school and turn around their systems. You will need to do as the school does, so think about what your deal-breakers are.

For example:

  • Does the school offer triple science at GCSE? Does this mean you’ll get to teach more of your specialism? Or more of your non-specialisms?
  • To what level will you be teaching all three sciences?
  • How do pupils make their Key Stage 4 (or equivalent) choices?
  • How are pupils organised into sets?
  • Ask about technician support and resources. If a department looks very poorly resourced you might want to think twice about the school. 
  • Are all lessons taught in a lab? This not always the case!
  • How hi-tech is the school? If you like your lessons to involve a high level of virtual interactivity, check whether this is available and fits with the current teaching culture.
  • Will you be expected to use an intranet or virtual learning environment?
  • Seek out the School Behaviour Policy. Is the school’s style right for you?