What support will I receive in my first year?

There are statutory requirements for your NQT induction year (find out more by clicking here). But each school will fulfil these requirements in their own way. Find out whether the school has taken on NQTs before and, in particular, whether your department has. Is the school taking any other NQTs this year? They should have induction year systems in place but you also need to make sure the induction they are offering you meets your individual needs. 

Can they tell you who would be your induction tutor? Find out what subject and teaching support the school can offer and how much of this you will have to find elsewhere. Don’t forget that as an NQT, you are entitled to a 10 per cent reduction in your teaching timetable to give you time to develop your teaching skills away from the classroom in addition to your statutory 10 per cent planning, preparation and assessment (PPA) time.