Physics support and Professional Development

When you finish your ITE and move into your first school, you will be supported by your mentor in the school   and the programme they have put in place for your induction period. However, there will be occasions when you need the support of someone outside your school, either as somewhere to go for expertise not immediately available, advice on how to deal with problems you are encountering or simply as a shoulder to cry on. With your ITE tutors no longer available, there are still places you can turn:

  • The IOP’s Physics Teacher Network is there to support you, offering you advice, linking schools together, building bridges to local universities and offering CPD throughout the year.
  • The Science Learning Centres, are a government validated and accredited national network for professional development in science teaching. They provide lots of CPD, including courses tailored for NQTs. Their centres are based at the universities of Durham, Southampton, Bristol, Keele, Manchester Metropolitan, Leicester, Sheffield Hallam, Hertfordshire and the Institute of Education (London). The National Science Learning Centre is based at the University of York.
  • The National STEMCentre aims to house the UK's largest collection of STEM teaching and learning resources; their e-library is particularly useful.