IOP ITE Scholars’ Programme

Your Initial Teacher Education year is a busy one. Our scholars’ programme recognises this, aiming to support and enhance your experiences.

Scholar community

There are dozens of experienced teachers who we work with to make sure that you, as an early career teacher, are well skilled to teach physics. They are on hand to help you get through the toughest year of your career, so that you can in turn help other new teachers. We do this through TalkPhysics – register now and start exploring.

It works by

•           Providing you with access to an online community of physics specialists

•           Access to our CPD events which take place all over the country

•           Access to our Teaching and Learning Coaches (known as TLCs).                                                

TalkPhysics is a great space for quick access real-time discussions on various aspects and ideas in teaching physics. It is moderated and used by our teaching and learning coaches, who are very eager to help with any queries you might have.

Supertrips and Masterclasses

We also provide support for scholars by running our events. These are called supertrips and masterclasses.  As an IOP scholar, you will be invited to events including a champagne Celebration event, the National Space Centre supertrip and our NQT conference at the end of the training year. Scholars love these events because they offer great ideas for school trips, new ideas for teaching and networking.

Here is some feedback from our 2016 National Space Centre Supertrip:

“The tips for demonstrations in lessons are fantastic.”

“Learning exciting physics demonstrations is highly valuable, keep it up. We get enough sit down CPD on our course. You offer something extra.”

IOP membership

We believe that teaching physics is doing physics. So we all scholars receive one year's free membership of the IOP. We will welcome you into the IOP community and offer you the benefits that all IOP members enjoy, from full access to our in-house magazine Physics World, to invitations to local branch meetings and free journal downloads. Explore your membership at

Getting ready for your Initial Teacher Eduation programme

Before you begin your teacher training, there is plenty you can usefully do in preparation.

We have pulled together a programme for pre-ITE teachers, based on what a range of training providers suggest to their prospective students. Visit our Waiting to begin your Initial Teacher Education pages to get started.

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