Think like a physicist

Some physics teachers develop a coding system for their marking comments to reduce their workload.

This not only saves them time, it can actively benefit the pupils themselves.

David Collyer, a physics teacher in Leeds, said, “I often find myself saying the same things over and over again - underline headings, put units in results table headings etc. So I wrote a list of all the things that crop up and put them onto a PowerPoint loop. When marking the reports, I just annotate them using a code e.g. M2 is method point 2, G4 is graphs point 4 and so on. On receiving the books the pupils have to write out the points in full as targets for the next time they write a report. I find they take the comments more seriously if they've written them out themselves.”

To read more about marking – and to find some marking coding schemes - join the TalkPhysics discussion Making marking less of a mountain”

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