National Higher Education STEM Programme

The National HE STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Programme aims to widen participation, enhance skills and increase the knowledge base of our workforce in STEM subjects.

Students involved in project discussion

The programme is a £22 million HEFCE/HEFCW funded initiative based at the University of Birmingham and is managed in partnership with professional bodies and universities.



The IOP’s contribution
The IOP is working with its partners across various strands of the programme:

  • Widening participation in STEM disciplines by developing classroom careers resources, exciting outreach activities, and new approaches to marketing physics degrees to reach those beyond the traditional applicants.
  • Working with universities to develop their undergraduate curriculums. Changes range across course content, design and delivery, helping enhance students’ knowledge, their broader skills and their career expectations.
  • Improving links between employers and universities to ensure graduates have the necessary skills to succeed in the workplace, and encourage those already in the workforce to engage with further study to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Work on these strands has generated projects and resources for use in schools, colleges, universities and industry by students, teachers, lecturers and employers.

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