University of Bath

Title of project:
Industry Team Project

Name of project coordinator:
Dr Frances Laughton

Total no. of students expected to participate:
12 students

Size of groups:
Around 4 students

Year in which students will carry out the project:
3rd Year

No. of weeks over which the project will be carried out during one academic year:

Dates over which the project will run during the academic year:
Semester 1 and 2 (projects last one semester)

Brief Description:
Industry team projects will be carried out in teams of around 4 students in response to real-life scientific problems posed by an industrial client. The project unit is a semester-long final year BSc unit, and we will be particularly focussing on encouraging our Mathematics and Physics students to participate in it, as this provides a particularly valuable opportunity for these students to undertake additional open-ended project work, and to further develop their general problem-solving and other transferable skills, such as team working.

The students will have to apply their knowledge of physics and mathematics to the tackling of these problems, which will involve experimental investigation or modelling of an application of physics or mathematics. The students will be acquainted with the project brief by the client and work on the project under the facilitation of an academic. Assessment will be carried out by means of an oral presentation and a written report, a copy of which will be provided to the industrial client.


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