Application process

Details of the requirements for Accreditation are set out in The Physics Degree (PDF, 39 KB). This is fully compatible with the Quality Assurance Agency's Benchmark Statement.

Application is voluntary and no fee is charged to applying departments in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Accreditation may either be granted for up to five years, withheld pending the implementation of certain recommendations, or refused. Accreditation may also be withdrawn if necessary.

When a physics department applies to the Institute to have its degree courses formally accredited, the Institute establishes a team of assessors to scrutinize the paperwork. That team conducts an accreditation visit to the applying department to meet staff and students and to review:

  • Departmental statistics and management structures
  • Core curriculum
  • Salient graduate skills
  • Overall standards of assessment
  • Academic and technical support facilities
  • Student participatory and welfare mechanisms

The visiting team then makes a recommendation to the Degree Accreditation Committee, where the decision is taken formally. The Degree Accreditation Committee acts on behalf of the Institute's Council as the moderating body.

Enquiries and application requests should be addressed to

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