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How to run a successful campus event

6. Feedback from IOP events

1.     Why hold an Insight into Teaching Physics event in your institution?
2.     What is an Insight into Teaching Physics event?
3.     Who might benefit from holding an Insight into Teaching Physics event?
4.     When is the best time to hold an Insight into Teaching Physics event?
5.     How to arrange an Insight into Teaching Physics event
6.     Feedback from IOP events 

Here are some comments we’ve received from students after our events:


“I thought the event was very well advertised, organised and generally very useful. I am now seriously considering a career in teaching physics after being inspired by all the talks given!” 

 “It was good to have an actual teacher tell about his experiences and all of the information given was very useful.”

“I had wanted to specialise in medical physics research or do a master in space exploration and go that route but had not thought about teaching. After today's talk I am definitely thinking about teaching. Thank you.”

 “The ‘Life as a teacher’ presentation was very good.”

“Very well held event - very warming and everyone was extremely approachable.”

“I knew I wanted to do teaching after university and came out of the presentation quite looking forward to do a PGCE. It helped give me an idea of the bursaries and I will work harder in my degree to try and get the best result I can. I didn’t know much about PGCE or any other routes into teaching and it helped to outline the options and I have decided to probably do a PGCE.”

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