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Although the benefits to employers of hosting work placements may be less obvious than those to the student of undertaking one, there is still a great deal of value to be had from taking on an intern.


In 2013 Sharp Laboratories of Europe sought high-quality candidates for their summer-placement projects, taking on two students who they found to be well prepared and motivated, and who blended in well with the team. “They managed to produce valuable work, which helped us in reaching our R&D objectives,” says Sharp’s Marco Zanola.

Organisations that take part might, say, have a piece of research that they feel would provide a good learning opportunity for a student, or some work that might be labour-intensive but, while important, doesn’t require a huge degree of technical expertise, or they might simply want cover at a time of year when many regular staff are on their summer holidays.

Hosting internships also allows organisations to get to know potential future recruits, and to develop existing junior staff in areas such as interviewing, supervising and planning.

For some employers the biggest difficulty is choosing between candidates. . “They are usually high-achievers looking for a new experience,” says Bill Whitfield of, which has previously offered one of their interns a permanent position following their placement.

If you’re an employer who hosts work placements for physics students and would like them included on this website free of charge, email details to

Social Mobility Foundation

The Social Mobility Foundation funds placements for high-achieving A-level students from disadvantaged backgrounds through its Aspiring Professionals Programme.

If you’re an employer who would be interested in offering a placement of one to two weeks to students whose aspirations go beyond the classroom, who want to make the most of their academic potential, and to find out what career opportunities are open to them please get in touch via  


IOP has a partnership through which it provides employer contacts to the South East Physics Network (SEPnet), which organises eight-week placements in industry or research for physics students at the universities in the South East of England that form part of its consortium. To find out more or if you which to take part, email

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