Frequently asked questions

  1. How do I find a placement?
    Visit our placement opportunities page which contains a list of employers who wish to participate in this scheme.
  2. How do I apply?
    To apply you will need to send your CV(s) and covering letter(s) to Please ensure you clearly state which placement(s) you are applying for in the subject line of the e-mail.
  3. Can I submit more than one application?
    Yes, but if you’re successful you will only receive funding for one placement.
  4. Can I organise my own placement?
    No, but you can inform an organisation of this scheme, and they can submit a placement request. If the organisation  secures a bursary, they will have to conduct a fair and equal selection and recruitment process, i.e. other students will be eligible to apply.
  5. Will there be an interview process conducted by the IOP?
    No, certain companies may wish to carry out interviews, but this will be dependent on the particular employer.
  6. Can I receive payment from the IOP and my employer?
    No, you not are eligible to apply for funding if your employer is willing to fund your placement.
  7. When will I hear if I am successful?
    The deadline for applications is 28th April,  so you should hear by mid-late May.

last edited: April 08, 2014