Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for employers regarding the IOP's 'Top50' Work Placements Scheme.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before making an enquiry or applying to the Scheme as by applying for it you will be deemed to have agreed to them.

Nature of the scheme

The purpose of the Scheme is to give penultimate year undergraduate physics students the opportunity to gain paid work experience in micros, small and medium-sized enterprises, university or research institutions in the UK and Ireland. Micros and SMEs can only participate if they don’t currently offer paid work experience. Each student will receive a bursary of £2000, or the equivalent in euros for the Republic of Ireland, for the duration of their placement (£250 per week), for a period of eight weeks. The bursaries should not create any National Insurance contribution liability in themselves but it shall be the responsibility of the student to obtain advice on their specific circumstances.

Terms and conditions for employers

Organisations participating in the Scheme shall:

  • be Micros or Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) not currently offering paid work placements in the UK and Ireland.
  • be a university physics department or research institution in the UK and Ireland.
  • provide a safe and legally compliant working environment for their work placement student(s). This shall include, but not be limited to, taking full responsibility for the health and safety of the students and ensuring that there is adequate insurance in place to cover the student
  • provide a structured work placement scheme for student(s) which is relevant to their university course
  • read, and substantially comply with, the publication, Common best practice code for high-quality internships (PDF, 573 KB)
  • advertise all placements that have been awarded a bursary on the IOP’s  web portal
  • operate a fair and equal recruitment and selection process
  • not interview or appoint candidates before the closing date for applications of 28th April 2014
  • contact the IOP to confirm that all candidates selected for interview are eligible to receive a bursary
  • not exceed the 8 week duration of work placement unless the organisation accepts the responsibility for funding the student(s) for additional weeks at not less than £250 per week, or the equivalent in euros
  • acknowledge the Institute in any publication (written or electronic), posters, or presentations about the Scheme, and in any related newspaper article or radio or television programme. Standard wording to be used to acknowledge the Institute shall be agreed in writing with the Institute in advance, with any future material variations also being agreed

Email summerplacements@iop.org with your placement proposal(s).

last edited: February 27, 2014