The IOP is offering Micro and Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), university departments and research institutions in the UK and Ireland a new way to engage with physics students through the 'Top50' Work Placements Scheme.

Work placements

What is the opportunity?

The IOP offers penultimate year, undergraduate physics students, in the UK and Ireland, bursaries to carry out eight-week placements. The aim of this scheme is to give students the opportunity to gain valuable experience in business, universities and research institutions that believe in the benefits of work placements.

The IOP will fund 50 work placement bursaries for a maximum of eight weeks, and students will receive a bursary of £2000, or the equivalent in euros for the Republic of Ireland, for the duration of their placements. All placement requests should be submitted by 3rd March 2014.

Students can gain only one bursary, but an organisation can offer a maximum of two placements per scheme.
Why participate?

Physics graduates are employed across all sectors of the economy because of the skills and training gained during their degree. They can be found in the oil & gas, medical, financial, telecommunications, academia, R&D, and defence sectors and many others. By offering these bright students the opportunity to gain work experience, you will:

  • Raise your organisations profile amongst physics students and the physics community
  • Gain fresh ideas from student(s) carrying out these placements
  • Gain an advantage in graduate recruitment, or when appointing PhD students, by building relationships with committed students

What is my commitment?

Organisations must be micros and SMEs based in the UK and Ireland that are not currently offering paid placements, or university physics departments, or research institution in the UK and Ireland.. Click here for the definition of Micros and SMEs.

The work placement must be related to the student’s degree programme i.e. it must be vocational in a broad sense.

Employers must accept responsibility for health and safety, including working hours legislation.

As the placements are funded by the IOP, there is no direct financial commitment.

You will need to adhere to the employer terms and conditions for the IOP's 'Top50' Work Placements Scheme.

If you have any questions, please e-mail, vishanti.fox@iop.org or call +44 (0)207 470 4906

Email summerplacements@iop.org with your placement proposal(s).

SEPnet (The South East Physics Network) is a consortium of nine partner Physics Departments (Herts, Kent, OU, Portsmouth, Queen Mary, Royal Holloway, Southampton, Surrey and Sussex) working together to advance and sustain physics as a strategically important subject for the UK economy and its science base in the South East of England.   

SEPnet’s Employer Engagement Programme provides placements and other employer engagement opportunities for SEPnet physics undergraduate and postgraduate research students.  

Visit http://www.sepnet.ac.uk/students_employers/index.html for more information on how to engage with SEPnet partner universities and students.

last edited: May 08, 2014

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