How the IOP can help

The Institute has a number of schemes and resources which may help you in your search for a job overseas.


When benchmarking potential candidates, employers often look for those that stand out from the crowd – those that can demonstrate a high level of professionalism and commitment. Becoming a Chartered Physicist or Chartered Engineer (or both) means agreeing to be bound by a Code of Conduct that reflects best practice and a commitment to continued professional development. It is a mark of excellence increasingly valued by employers at home and abroad.

Mentoring scheme

Mentoring is when an individual offers to provide support and guidance to someone less experienced in a particular area to help them with their career or professional development. The IOP offers a matching service that may allow you to find someone who has already made the transition to working abroad.

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Job preparation

To get any job, home or abroad, you have to first successfully navigate the application and interview process. The job preparation section of the IOP Careers website has hints and tips on a range of topics, from CV writing and application forms to interview techniques.

Physics for Development Programme

As part of its international programme, the IOP supports physicists and physics teachers through various projects in developing countries around the world.

Travel grant and sponsorship scheme

Depending on your exact plans, you might be eligible for a grant/sponsorship from the IOP.

Quarterly International Newsletter

Every quarter the IOP's International Team produce a newsletter detailing recent news, current international IOP activities and forthcoming international events.

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