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Getting career advice

So you've read through our careers pages and maybe that's helped you form some ideas of the direction you want take your future career.

A really good next step would be to talk to your university's careers service. All universities have careers advisers that you can sit down with and bounce ideas off. 

They should be primed with plenty of tips and pointers to get you ahead of the game, including possible work experience opportunities. 

Most universities even have a careers advisor dedicated to the sciences. What's more, they are often supported by professional bodies such as the IOP.  

They should also be able to show you where people who have done your course, at your institution, have ended up after graduation.

Generally, careers services offer one-to-one advice, drop-in-sessions and e-mail sessions. They also deliver seminars on writing CVs, applications, interview techniques and offer general support in finding a job. They also help run job fairs and other careers events local to you.

For more information on careers services, or to help track down your local one, visit the Prospects website.

last edited: October 17, 2012