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Funding (Graduate)

If you wish to continue in research in academia, your future prospects will be greatly improved if you are able to successfully apply for funding for projects.

Even as a PhD student you should be looking for opportunities to develop your grant writing skills and to demonstrate that you are able to convince funding bodies to support your development and research ideas. There is advice in the researcher section on developing winning funding applications (link to new page)

The Institute of Physics offers several avenues of funding that are open to PhD students and post-doc researchers. Some will enable you to visit critical conferences at which you can build your research network and build your visibility in your field. Other funds will support your public engagement activities and again help you to develop skills which will be essential in the future.

Conference funding for PhD students

Public Engagement

A helping hand

A helping hand
In addition to the above funds which can help with your career development, there are also grants designed to help Members out in difficult times. If your future in physics is jeopardised because of difficult personal or financial circmstances, contact the Institute as soon as possible to find out about the funds that might help you get through challenging intervals.

last edited: October 12, 2012

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