Optoelectronics, microwave technology and satellite communications are growing industries.

Government communication agencies are a large employer of physics degree holders, and freelance options are always available. Prof. Tom Buggy explains how he started work in the communications field on p18 of our careers booklet New Directions (member sign in required).

The following employers offer career opportunities in telecommunications:

  • Vodafone
    The largest global mobile communications operator
  • Siemens
    Suppliers of communication systems, including handsets, masts and satellites. Information about the company's dedicated research laboratory can be found at
  • British Telecom (BT)
    At the forefront of communication technology and has a dedicated research and design centre in the UK
  • Snell and Wilcox
    Makers of digital signal processors
  • Nortel
    A leading communications and networks specialist
  • Thales
    A communications specialist with contracts for information systems in the aerospace, defence and security industries
  • Cisco Systems
    The largest network communications supplier in the world
    The industry website for those interested in the laser, photonics and optics world
    A leading provider of software and IT services

Telecommunications covers a range of topics so, if you are considering further study, you will need to decide whether to specialise in a particular area, such as photonics, or take a more general course. There's more advice about choosing and finding suitable courses in the further study section.

Remember, in addition to all of the large companies we've mentioned above, there are thousands of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that recruit graduates. The benefits of working in one of these can include making a bigger impression and gaining responsibility earlier in your career. Most will recruit in the local press or can be found in university careers services.

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