Renewable energy

The UK has plans to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions dramatically this century and investment in renewable energy is a key strategy for achieving this aim.

As this area has become more prominent, a skills-shortage has emerged, creating many career opportunities for graduates.

The major employers in the renewable energy field at present are the national and global energy companies in the oil and gas section

Gardline Surveys is one of many companies carrying out analysis of existing oil supplies. Its website contains recruitment advice and a jobs section.

There are a number of websites carrying information about jobs in renewable energy:

Opportunities in Nuclear include:

  • British Energy
    Operates nuclear power stations in the UK
  • NPower Renewables
    Dedicated to generating electricity using sustainable, environmentally-friendly resources
  • The UK Fusion Research Programme
    This programme is jointly funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and EURATOM
  • Nuclear Graduates
    A portal through which students can apply to 26 companies involved in the production, distribution and defence of the UK's nuclear energy industry

The Nuclear Industry - Opportunities for physicists (Member sign-in required)
This booklet provides an overview of the nuclear industry, describes the career opportunities, profiles physicists in the sector, contains details of companies in the industry and useful tips on gaining employment.

If you are interested in renewable energy and haven't studied it in any detail during your degree, a Master's course will improve your understanding of the field to help you to make a more informed decision about pursuing this career path. Additional qualifications may also improve your attractiveness to employers if they give you a broader view of the field, as the work is multidisciplinary. There's more advice about finding suitable courses in the further study section.

If a green career appeals strongly, why not check out another physicist’s real-life experience of working in this field?

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