Reference material

There are many avenues for physicists to explore, and the following organisations and websites can provide food for thought, from vacancy sources to application and interview techniques:

  • brightrecruits
    Contains postgraduate positions and jobs using physics within academia and business
  • Cern Courier
    Serves the engineering and physics community with its resources and vacancies section
    Lists academic and postdoc research positions
  • SCom
    A recruitment agency for the avionics, telecommunications, air-traffic and defence industries
    An organisation set up to guide graduates towards their optimum career
  • New Scientist
    Produces a fantastic graduate research special
  • The Society of Physics Students
    US-based, its careers section contains summer internship, a jobs list, profiles and other careers resources
  • Physics Today
    A leading resource for science, engineering and computing jobseekers

All university careers services will have a database of local and national vacancies. A good example is the University of Kent's careers website.

The Physics and Math forums enable internet users to keep up to speed with the latest developments in physics and to discuss these advancements with other like-minded physicists. More information here.

Physics career ideas can also be found at

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