Oil and gas

Despite the increased focus on renewable energy sources, the long-established oil and gas sectors remain key employers of physicists.

As remaining reserves become more and more precious, companies are developing new technologies to enable them to extract the highest proportions possible. Also, as seen in the "renewable energy" section, oil and gas companies are also keen to become major players in the future energy sector and are investing heavily in research and technology into renewables alongside their traditional interests.

Careers information for specific companies can be found at:

All of these companies offer high standards of graduate training, so they don't require higher degrees for most functions. However, as with other specialisms, further study can help you to make a more informed decision about choosing a career in energy. More advice about finding suitable postgraduate courses is available in the further study section.

Fancy a career in energy? Why not find out more about the industry and its opportunities?

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last edited: October 15, 2019

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