The engineering sector covers a range of manufacturing and technology-based jobs and traditionally suffers from a shortage of qualified graduates.

It may be particularly attractive to physics graduates who are keen to apply their knowledge practically in the improvement and development of tangible products and processes. Many companies are happy to recruit physics graduates into engineering specialisms, and they provide extensive training.The engineering sector is huge, so there are many different jobs and types of company to choose from. There are a number of professional engineering bodies, like the Institute of Physics, each representing a different area of engineering, and each with a website offering their own careers information these include:

Each institution carries relevant vacancies on its websites.

Another potentially useful website is - a fortnightly magazine providing a range of career opportunities.

The University of Kent's website has details about working in manufacturing, production and quality control.

Typical employers
Engineering opportunities can be found within many of the other career areas within this section of the website:

We can only give a broad overview of other opportunities within engineering, but the main sectors are:

In addition to those companies mentioned in the space exploration and defence sections, other key employers include Airbus.

Civil Engineering
In this sector, one of the largest UK organisations is Network Rail, which owns and operates Britain's rail infrastructure.

The automotive sector in the UK is particularly vulnerable to economic conditions, but manufacturers recruiting in 2009 are likely to advertise on Prospects.

Chemicals and materials
Engineers are employed across a range of industry sectors, including food and drink, household, steel, and agrochemicals. Potential employers include:

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