Student community

Our student engagement programme, in collaboration with partners, will enable students to make the most of their time at university and be better prepared for their next steps. The range of events and activities we organise will provide opportunities to develop skills for life, including team work, critical thinking, independent learning, leadership and communication.

We do this through the following programmes:

IOP affiliated societies

We recognise the value physics and astronomy student societies add to the student experience at university, providing opportunities to bring together like-minded students for informative and engaging activities. Through our affiliated societies programme we support student societies to organise local events on campus and meet peers from across the UK and ROI at our annual forum for affiliated students’ societies.

Read more about our affiliated societies.

IOP Campus Ambassadors

On many campuses across the UK and ROI there are IOP Campus Ambassadors supporting the physics student community. They do this by:

  • developing activities on campus that strengthen student opportunities
  • build campus relationships
  • promote the benefits of extracurricular engagement
  • act as a link to their university's physics students and department

Read more about our Campus Ambassadors.

International Association of Physics Students (IAPS)

IAPS is an association of physics students and student societies from around the globe, supporting friendly relations and collaboration between physics students on academic, professional, social and cultural issues.

Read more about IAPS.

European Physical Society (EPS) Young Minds

The Young Minds project is an initiative of the EPS to connect young researchers in Europe and promote science to the broader public. Currently more than 50 groups from across Europe are participating in the project.

Read more about EPS Young Minds.

Annual activities

We work with students to organise a series of national and international events. Through our events you can expect to:

  • delve deeper into the world of physics and related disciplines
  • learn ways to develop your career
  • compete in international physics competitions
  • learn how to organise your own events
  • network outside your locality

You can do this through:

  • Our annual facilities trip which takes place in partnership with other like-minded organisations. Every year we organise trips to world class scientific facilities around the UK and Europe. Past trips include visits to CERN, the Mullard Space Science Laboratory, and the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy.
  • Forum of University Societies Events (FUSE). FUSE annually gathers affiliated society representatives to share best practice on society events and engagement, and to collaborate and network.
  • PLANCKS competition. Each year we send undergraduates and postgraduates based in the UK and Ireland to the Physics League Across Numerous Countries for Kick-ass Students (PLANCKS) competition. The winning team is invited to compete in the international final, held in a different country each year.

Read more about our annual activities.

IOP membership

Share our passion for physics and be part of our mission to raise public awareness and help develop a diverse and inclusive physics community. Becoming a member enables us to support the career aspirations and professional development of our members. We also provide a platform for networking and collaborating, enabling our members to help shape the future of physics.

Associate Membership costs just £15 a year for undergraduates, whilst postgraduates can become Members for £35 a year. IOP membership provides access to a wealth of resources, activities and events to support your career development and allow you to further your interest in physics.

Discover more about our student members and how membership can support you to:

  • broaden your physics knowledge
  • connect to the community
  • get ahead in your career with a professional registration

Read more about IOP membership.

Further information

To learn more about how you or your student society can make an impact in your physics community, please contact our student engagement team:

Email or call +44 (0) 20 7470 4917

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