Summer Sessions

The IOP Summer Sessions bring leading researchers together with music and art to explore how physics affects our lives.

Summer Sessions

Brewing up a storm with Professor Joanna Haigh
Wednesday 8 June, King's Cross, London
Our planet is warming, but by how much? We take a look at the latest forecast of the Earth’s changing climate.

What lies beneath with Dr Alexy Karenowska
Saturday 9 July, Hillsborough Park, Hillsborough, Sheffield
The IOP Summer Sessions go to Hillsfest, where we’ll be looking at how physics is helping to discover our archaeological past and conserve our cultural present.

Electronics on the brain with Dr Jessamyn Fairfield
Wednesday 13 July, King's Cross, London
We explore how to build computers that are more like the brain.

Making waves with Professor Martin Hendry
Monday 1 August, Institute of Physics, London
We demystify one of the newest discoveries in physics, gravitational waves.

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