Safety notes

Sunlight and space travel

  • During this topic the Sun is discussed. Direct sunlight is not needed in any of the activities.

    Warn children NEVER to look directly at the Sun. It can cause permanent damage to their eyes. Blindness can result.

    Tell them that it can burn their eyes because it is so bright.

    See 'Be Safe' section 13 - available form the ASE

  • Do not allow a child, acting as the Earth, to try to spin rapidly so becoming dizzy and possibly falling.
  • When shaking the board duster ensure that it is well away from the children. Few children are allergic to chalk dust but it may trigger an asthmatic attack.
  • Avoid using a spring umbrella that could hurt a child as it opens or give a suitable warning. Open the umbrella away from the children and fold it away as soon as the demonstration is over.
  • Laser pointers are not suitable to replace torches for activities in this presentation as some of them are not safe.

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